Sometimes you need a friend…

5 11 2012

Life in the NICU is rough. Its rough for the babies obviously, but its also rough for the mommies or whoever the primary caregiver is. I mean, the mommy spends hopefully 9 months carrying the little one inside. Her entire life and time is spent growing this little person. So when they come out before they were expected, the mommy has to find herself again. Its rough. No one can understand what the mommy of a preemie feels unless you have one yourself. Not even the daddy. I mean in most cases the daddy lived as a spectator for the pregnancy being there, but not as involved completely as the mommy. No offense daddies. Its just not the same.

So once the baby comes and the daddy is back to work, the mommy has to rely on someone to take their minds off their troubles (or hormone!!!). This is the job of the best friend. I am so thankful to have my best friend who can help me deal with my postpartum depression/hormonal changes/whatever you want to call it. He listens to me cry, but unlike the daddy does not take my emotions personally. The daddy should’t either but, its your partner….sometimes you take their sadness personally especially when you can’t ‘fix’ them.

So, this one is for all the best friends. Thank you for being you and thank you for always being there.


Just take the bottle!

4 11 2012

Alondra Jade came into this world 8 weeks early. Not by her choice, but because my preeclampsia was getting too dangerous for the both of us. So, the doctors evicted her. Poor baby. But now she is back to her own schedule, doing things when she wants too. Which means not drinking from a bottle. Everyone asks when she gets to go come and the answer is always the same..,when she can take all of her feedings by bottle. Nurses are very quick to say “Remember she isn’t even supposed to be here yet.” Thanks, didn’t you read my last post? She doesn’t like the bottle. She wants to be a breastfed baby only. Stop confusing her. I can’t stand making her cry when she is force to take a bottle when she wants Mommy. I will just quit my job to stay home to be her personal cow for the next year. Sorry Mario, you better start bringing in the big bucks!


2 11 2012

The orange band. Only one place in the hospital brands parents in such a way. Actually no that is not true. The labor and delivery ward gives parents thin clear bands to link them with their newborn babies. The orange band is for the NICU. The Newborn Intensive Care Unit. It grants exclusive access to parents to their children in this unit. To me, it is my scarlet letter. It tells the world my baby was not ready to be born. To me, it tells the world I failed as a mother and as a woman. I couldn’t keep my baby inside until she was ready to be born. I hate this orange band, but without it I cannot see my angel who I worked so hard  for.

Dinner with Lucia….and Friends

19 02 2012

YUM, Nutella Brownies!

Italian style

This was such a good time with friends yesterday!  Thank you Crystal and Ricardo for hosting all of us!  Quiero mucho!

Week 5 Meal Plan

19 02 2012

Here is our week in meals for you!

Sunday: Italian wedding soup with homemade rolls!  Very yummy, but Mario was not a big fan of the veggie meatballs this time.

Italian Wedding Soup (vegan)


Monday (NO SCHOOL): Chicken Parmesan.    Yes no more Meatless Mondays because Lent begins on Wednesday.    We will be enjoying Meatless Fridays for the next few weeks!

Chicken Parmesan!!!

Tuesday: Burgers and fries (Same roll recipe as above!)
Wednesday:  It was corn dogs and mac & cheese, but now it will be eating out with friends for Ash Wednesday.  It happens.
Thursday: Pot Pies (frozen dinner night)
Friday: Was date night…now will be corn dogs and mac & cheese night
Saturday: Unstuffed peppers, but Mario is trying really hard to change this to something else…..He isn’t into it, but I love it!

Chicken Fettucini Alfredo

16 02 2012
The Carnivore Version

This was my first attempt to make ahead alfredo sauce.  No, actually it wasn’t.  I made this recipe for the wedding shower back in December.  Sorry this week has been short of posts.  Most of the dinners were repeats that I already posted the directions.  This one was kind of a compilation of old recipes. 

First thing: Garlic toast was leftover hamburger buns with garlic butter, Italian seasoning, and parmesean.
Second: Cook noodles according to box directions….easy.
Fourth: Bread-Parmesan topping from here!
Fifth: Carnivore version-Cover with Italian Dressing Seasoning, Italian Seasoning, and Parmesan before cooking.  Cook chicken tenders cut into pieces in skillet. 
Sixth: Add salad on the side.
YUM!  Mario loved it.  He wants to have it again and again.  I think next time I will make the sauce ahead and jar it.  Then add to noodles day of meal.

This Week’s Meal Plan!

12 02 2012

Wow, I think that every time Mario snagged us another dinner invitation this weekend I rolled my eyes.  Not that I do not want to spend time with my friends, but I just keep seeing dollar signs rolling away in my brain.  Wedding-itis I think it is called.  But no problem.  We came to some agreements.  First meal plan for the week had to be simple and inexpensive.  Done.  Second, the total cost of our meals could not be greater than $20.  We will see how that goes.  That is excluding the tip (and my margarita on Wednesday! Hehehe!)  I also prepped ahead so much today, it will really make my week EASIER!!!

Here is our plan!

Yum on a bun! So good!

Sunday: Hamburgers, homemade buns, and french fries.

Monday: Veggie corn dogs and baked mac and cheese. (Mac and cheese already prepped!)

Tuesday: Taco Night (2nd meatless night this week!) with refried beans (already prepped too with all of the taco fixings!)

Wednesday: Eating out with friends at Aunt Chilada’s!

Thursday: Chicken Fettucini Alfredo (Chicken already cooked!) with salad and rolls

Friday: Eating out with Fr. Vince and friends!

Saturday: Eating over at Crystal’s house!

This is what my sink looks like now after prepping the week's meals all at once. I ran out of measuring cups about 2/3 of the way through!