Year 2

28 02 2011

Mario and I have now officially been together as a couple for 2 years.  Wow!  My life has changed so dramatically in this time.  I’m divorced, I changed schools, I’m engaged, I am a homeowner, and now I am planning a wedding!  A real wedding, not a shot-gun type wedding at a relative’s house.  We share our house with our 4 cats (Yes, Mom 4 cats not 3) – Dulce, Liam, Crabby, and Luna – and our vicious guard dog Holly.  This is a forum in which I will describe the my ever growing love for Mario and how we are forming our lives together here in the desert. 

We serve at the church in almost every capacity, except for priest.  I often tell Mom that we could give Fr. Vince the day off and perform Mass without him.  Although that may be tricky at the whole wine into Blood part. Anyhow, we are working our way through the 9 months of requirements to get married at St. Mary’s Basillica by Fr. Vince. 

I teach Special Education to 7th and 8th graders in an inner city school here in the valley.  Mario just told me that my school is not inner city, but I think it is close enough!  Currently, I have 10 boys in my classroom with disabilities ranging from Autism Spectrum Disorder to Down Syndrome to Bipolar disorder to Multiple Disabilities/Medically Fragile.  Yes, I may be a little crazy, but I love what I do.  Mario is an instructional assistant in another special education classroom in a better part of the valley.  I work 2 jobs and am currently taking 2 classes.  If I ever have time, I will post the happenings of our lives!  HA!  As for now, I’m off for bed.





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