Zebras and Lions

2 03 2011

Emotional Dumping…that is how I describe the process of sending my little ducks up to bigger ponds each year.  Some of my ducklings have hung around longer than others; 2 have been trailing behind me for 4 years now.  Others have only joined the group in the past 6 months.  Regardless of how long you have been caring for them, it is amazing the feeling after you emotionally unload these ducklings on to their next leader.  

Yesterday, the high school special education director came to pick up my ducklings.  Well, their files at least.  I look at this individual with wary in my eyes…will she treat them the way I have?  Will she know how reach them?  Will they care?  I have sent enough ducklings on to know that it is never the same.  Some ducks quack when I am with them, but when they move to the new pond they start to bark.  Some ducks begin to paddle along behind me, but in the new pond they sink to the bottom.  I’m not sure if I have ever heard of a duckling of mine moving on and starting to fly.  But I’m sure that is because those who soar to great heights are the unspoken heros and those who struggle get all of the glory.

In my 7th year of this game, I do not come as emotionally attached as I once did.  It was actually kind of relieving during the release of my verbal diarrhea with the new duck master.  I left thinking to myself…”They are yours now…You have to reach them.”  I went back to my classroom and informed my aides that I delivered them to their future.  They smiled and laughed, but started to genuflect on how much they were going to miss them.  Of course, I will miss them too.  I have more stories about them than most of my friends out here.  However, this is a part of the cycle.  Ducklings have to leave the pond, to stretch their wings, and fly off to their destiny.




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