Things I have noticed about myself…

14 03 2011

I have come to realize that maybe I do not work 2 jobs so well.  I value sleeping.  Not going to bed early, because well…if it didn’t happen when I was 3, it’s not going to change now.  I remember being young, like 2nd grade or less and going to bed at the same time as Mom and Dad…10:00ish.  I never had “a bedtime.”  Summer vacations were a testiment to that.  I have stayed up until dawn on several occasions.  I loved staying up, watching a marathon of my favorite series until either a) the show ended or b) I ran out of video to watch. 

Now in my new life with Mario, I don’t quite stay up so late but we have gone to bed at 2 in the hopes of rising at 6 for work.  Mario, moreso than me, but I am guilty too.  So this whole 2 jobs thing, you know working 12 hour days, 3 days a week, cuts into precious time I have at home.  It also exhausts me!  I come home irritable.  I know it is hard to believe that I could be grumpy, but just ask Mario.  Many a night, I have come home to lay on the sofa at 6:30 and sleep until 9 or 10.  Which means, I have maybe 2 hours of quality time with Mario, who by then is engrossed in his games.  It also interferes with my homework.  Last Tuesday, I fell asleep for a quick nap, asked Mario to wake me up (which he did), and barely woke up at 11:00 and still had to do my assignment!  Which was due an hour later.  I also value reading and blow through the Sookie Stackhouse books like they are Cat in the Hat.  I bought 2 on Friday and now they are both read.  Pooey!  I’m not that dull, just remember we don’t have cable or real TV. 

We are also on our healthy eating kick, which is hard when you have worked so long and are hungry.  We are grateful to Mario’s mom who sends us dinner whenever I work both jobs.  Luckily on Wednesdays I only do the day job, so I have been crock-potting dinner on those days.  It has been delicious and Mario has eaten things that he never imagined he would.  I mean…he is eating Vegetarian meats now at least 3 out of 7 days a week!  He is drinking Almond Milk!  Which is more for health reasons that vanity, and I think he appreciates how he feels now. 

This 2nd job has also interferred with our going out during the week.  When I let him drag me out…and I do mean drag in the most kind sense imaginable…I lose my night vision/depth perception and get convinced that he is aiming the car at all oncoming traffic.  This in turn with my new ‘highway’ phobia, usually ends in him refusing to drive any farther and then I have to geth behind the wheel.  It also just makes me more irritable.  I typically know exactly what I need at the store, get it, and want to leave.  Mario, however, can spend an hour in the bookstore ‘window shopping.’  Normally, I don’t mind and I will occupy myself in the cookbook section or kid section.  But on those week days, I can’t.  After dealing with children for 12 hours, I have zero patience for indecision. 

I think also one of the worse things is that I cannot make it from school to school with a quick pit stop at the house for a snack or restroom break before the library opens in the evening.  This means I’m normally late for work.  Also, it means I cannot make it to the office for time sheet retrieval or delivery.  So I haven’t been paid since Thanksgiving.  Not working at the school in the day keeps me out of the loop in regards to when they are due.  Also, after asking for a time sheet to be emailed to me………and waiting for about a week for no response…..I marched myself, my pooch, and Mario over to the district office one Friday (my only day off) and had the Payroll gal print me a copy.  She had already turned off her computer, but graciously turned it back on and printed me several.  I owe her especially since I just faxed 7 timesheets to her.  I sure hope this pays off.  All I can say is that I won’t be working these same hours next year.  Mario may move back in with his mom if I do!




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