Green Cleaning

20 03 2011

As a part of our growing lives together, Mario and I are trying to avoid use of harsh chemicals in our home.  If we watch what goes into our bodies, we also want to be aware of what we inhale or ingest incidentally.  Cleaning can be done very efficiently without a lot of expensive products.

1. Multi-purpose cleaner…Mix 1/2 c. of vinegar, 1/4 cup of baking soda and water into a spray bottle…Voila!  No lingering vinegar stench, all of the clean you want.

2. Scouring scrub…Salt….Yes, pour a little salt, add a wet cloth…Done!  Baked on, caked on gunk is a thing of the past.  Just be wary of scratchable surfaces.

3. Scrubbing stuff…Baking soda.  Put on gunk…add wet towel…scrub into a paste…Bye-bye dirt!

4. Whiter whites…Easy add 1/2 c. of vinegar to your laundry’s last rinse cycle.  Or boil 1/2 c. of vinegar to a pot of water.  Place dish towels (of any color) inside.  Let sit overnight, then wash normally.

5. Rinse aid…Vinegar. Just fill spot.

6. Stinky garbage disposal….Throw a citrus peel of any kind down it… Then whenever you use it, you’re sink will rock!

Other tips…we do not just dish soaps with phosphates or antibacterial soaps /sanitizers.  Antibacterial soaps contain pesticides that can be linked to developmental disabilities in children.  Sanitizers have been linked to resistant cancer causing bacteria.  Produce withOUT the organic label is not necessarily pesticide free.  We buy as much organic produce as possible!  If you cannot, just buy any fruit or veggie that you plan on eating the skin as well as flesh ORGANIC.  We use sea salt, which can be found at the dollar store, instead of table salt.  No aluminum there!  We also buy Sugar in the Raw or Stevia/Truvia products…no refined sugars. 

Heck, we just try to buy products that when we look at the label, we can read all of the ingredients.  That is there are not impossible scientific names, there are familiar names.  We just want a healthy family and family planning is only as good as God makes it.  We plan to begin after marriage, but we have to have our bodies ready at all times.  This entails treating our bodies as temples and not abusing them or filling them full of junk and toxins.  This Lent has been an eye-opening experience for us.  It has jump started everything we believed before but didn’t practice regularly.  Maybe it will become a way of life afterwards.




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