Score 1 for Clean Eating!

1 04 2011

So remember all of our Lenten goals we made?  Well today we kind of sucked at them.  First, I did not have school but I still got up at 6:30 to take Mario to work.  Yeah, carpooling sucks for us, but it is our effort at being green.  So win-lose there.  I got to meet Mario’s teacher Kelly and visit with the kids.  Things were great until I tried to get back to my car.  It was locked in tighter than Fort Knox!  I had to get the gates of the school opened in order to leave for my dentist appt.  Another win-lose thing.  Next, after dentist-endodontist double headers, I had to race back across town.  Yeah, did I mention I never changed doctors and they are all in Paradise Valley?  Luckily the endodontist was available to see me after the regular dentist referred me.  Unluckily, I will probably need another root canal.  YUCK.  3rd win-lose of the day.  Luckily, that stupid HSA thing from the school has money in it (which I had to pay 10% to the Feds.  Didn’t remember that one from the school presentations!!!  Thanks a lot!!)  I had been planning on going to Village Inn, ordering the VIP breakfast and attempting to eat my first omlette in nearly 2 weeks.  As I was almost talked into it, I remembered that Mario and I had given up eating out for Lent.  This sucked.  I would have to go all the way across town to eat since I skipped breakfast at home for sleep.  But, I did go to Starbucks and got a delicious Skinny Caramel Macchiato with Soy milk….insert drool here.  (Getting drinks doesn’t count as eating out!  No really, it doesn’t.)  Called my daddy to tell him the Tooth news and my phone’s low battery thing came on.  Seriously?  I had charged it all night.  It was now 11:45 and I had to pick up Mario’s mom to take her to the church to fill out his Free Witness paperwork.  I had called her before the phone died…and she didn’t answer.  I figured she was tried to get out of coming with me but I was still going to try.  By this time, I discovered Mario’s meat-free lunch in the car…warm now.  I didn’t have time to drop it by the school, because I told Mary that I would be there by 12.  Right as I turned onto 32nd St though, my fuel light also went on.  So, quick detour to AM/PM and after cleaning the car out and not looking at the price gauge, my car had guzzled $30 of gas!  I grabbed Mary and we raced to the basillica.  After being told I had to wait in the lobby, Mary followed Fr. Vince’s secretary Camela to the office.  Mary really enjoyed herself and didn’t come flying out of the office until the meeting was over which took maybe 15 minutes.  I finally got to eat something….I nuked a serving of MS chick’n nuggets with tabasco…..only to have the glass plate crack in half during the 1 min 45 cooking time.  I discarded to 2 nuggets closest to the crack, prayed that I wouldn’t get internal bleeding after eating the others, and nuked a Spongebob shapedmac and cheese cup.  After adding the nuggets, I relaxed with Holly on the sofa and enjoyed lunch.  I snuck in a 45 minute nap before having to grab Mario.  Mario, who was not at the car by 3:40 himself, was still chatting away with his teacher.  So I had to go into the school (using the visitor parking lot now), and remind him that our matresses were going to arrive between 4-7.  Our matresses for our day bed and trundle for our guest room.  Mario came home and crashed and I preceded to cleaning and de-stinking the above said guest bedroom (a.k.a….Holly’s restroom).  I opened up the present we got for mom for her bday (It didn’t make it to the mail…we will give it to her when she comes up in a couple of weeks) in order to add some freshly ground orange peel to the baking soda that went on the carpet.  Worked very nicely.  Right as I finished making Popcorn Surprise for myself, Holly began giving us that “Someone’s outside” bark.  Mario took her outside and I directed the men to the guest room….to deliver the matresses.  Mario is out again now.  He ‘had’ to go to Jack in the Box for lunch and his body is no longer used to all of those processed foods.  He feels like he has the flu with body aches and chills.  We discussed it and believe that the very un-organic lunch did him in.  Poor baby!!  Luckily, we had leftover veggie lasanga and will be having organic meals all weekend long….except for the Parish’s picnic on Sunday.  Mario will just have to stick with the Macaroni Salad I’m making.  Don’t ask me about it.  I will post the recipe later.  I’m still getting over the nausea from purchasing the eggs.  Ohhhhhhhh…….

Well, goodnight and good eating!




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