First meat-free eating out experience…

3 04 2011

So today was my first adventure eating out…meatfree.  St. Mary’s held a Parish picnic on the lawn under the trees.  Yah, in the middle of downtown Phoenix where loads of homeless people hang out for free food.  Sounds lovely huh?  Well, it really was.  The day was perfect, the trees wre shady, the company was peaceful.  Of course, we had a longer wait than the one into Disneyland for food, which was hamburgers and hot dogs.  As I jokingly asked Mario if they served veggie hot dogs, I was seriously contemplating this situation.  Do I cave and eat a meat hot dog?  Surely everyone who was a meat freer had this experience at one point and didn’t crumble.  I was busy assuring myself that there would be lots of other options…mainly full of carbs and little protein (blah) and I would probably not get full or satisfied.  Thinking of my chocolate chip banana muffins as home, I was determined not to cave.  So when we got in front of meatville, I stepped on the opposite side of Mario and avoided eye contact at all costs.  I grabbed a plate at the next table, got some chips…which turned out to be cheese puff things, got lots of veggies and fruit and some yummy caramel sauce (that I put on everything even the brocoli!  So what?  What doesn’t take good with caramel?)  Once I got a small slice of heaven in the shape of chocolate cheesecake, I remembered my mac salad I slaved over the day before.  Ok, I didn’t slave over it, but it did take all day to make partly because I made it in intervals.  We went back to look for it and noticed that it was gone.  All of it.  Apparently it was tasty and the eggs didn’t bother anyone. 

Once we ate….and Mario carried most of his desserts still on his plate, we listened to Gordon on the piano and Fr. Vince sing some song about San Francisco.  We said our farewells to all of the important people and left.  We visited Mario’s mom and enjoyed our afternoon.  Overall it was a success!




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11 04 2011
Maryea @ Happy Healthy Mama

Eating at these types of events can be so tough! I remember going to Cedar Point (amusement park) last summer. All I ate all day was fries. It was disgusting! I wish I lived in a more veg-friendly area.

11 04 2011

Yeah, I have had my second experience now at a family gathering of my fiance’s. Luckily, being a Hispanic event, there were rice and beans, even pizza! So I did not carbo-load as much!

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