Being a Veggie on the Road

28 04 2011

Now, I was nervous at the prospect of eating meatfree on the family vacation to San Diego.  During Lent, we gave up eating out so meals were easy.  But going to a place where the only “Meat Free” option was a side salad, did not interest me.  However, we were going to California and this may sound wrong, but I was fairly confident that I’d find Vegetarian options on most menus. 

Stop #1, Village Inn in Avondale, AZ-Brunch around 11:00ish.  Ok, not out of Arizona yet, but we had to eat breakfast.  I was sick and decided to puke my guts up to make some room for food apparently.  After having to reassure Mom that I wasn’t making morning sickness a part of my routine, I ordered Berry & Cream pancakes, fruit, vanilla yogurt and granola.  Ok, so the whole texture thing wasn’t really on my mind after the puke, but hey, I tried.  Everything was very, VERY good.  And after about a carafe and 1/2 of coffee, I was good to go.  Luckily I brought lots of snacks on the trip, so no one went hungry.

Stop #2, Miguel’s (I think) in Old Towne, San Diego, CA-Dinner around 9:00ish.  With the prospect of In & Out Burger as our only option, this place looked pretty good.  I inspected their menu and found Veggie Enchiladas.  Sounded good to me!  They were pretty tasty and along with 2 bowls of chips and salsa for the 5 of us and 2 desserts, Fried Ice Cream and Mud Pie, we were full.

Stop #3, Day 2, Petco Park, San Diego, CA-Lunch around noon.  Ok so Day 2, we did not make it up early enough to get breakfast.  Well, Mom, Dad, and Sara got Continental Breakfast, but not us 😦  So we were off for stadium food before the big Phillie vs. Padre game.  I was pleasantly surprised to see Veggie Dogs on the menu.  Having tried a few at the store, I was curious about the kind they sold here.  Smart Ones, which taste very good, have this horrendous odor when they are cooked in any fashion other than baked.  So, I was pleased to find that these were odor free.  They were also very dry tasting since they were boiled not grilled or roasted.  But still edible with onions and mustard.  They probably would have been better too, if they weren’t served on a whole wheat bun. Blah!

Stop #4, Lucha Libre Taco Shop, San Diego, CA. Closed. We kind of forgot how hard it would be to find restaurants on Easter Sunday.  Oh well, we got a great pic of the front of the shop and a car of homosexual males hooted and hollered at us crossing the street.  We would return tomorrow.

Stop #5, Red Robin, San Diego, CA. 2 minutes after closing.  Got in the door, but didn’t get a table.  Luckily we got some great shots of a raccoon feasting on burgers in the trash dumpster!

Stop #6, Five Guys, San Diego, CA-Dinner 7:00ish. After crossing the parking lot of the mall to hopefully dine on pizza (Closed again), we went into Five Guys.  Its basically a burger joint that had a “veggie” burger on the menu.  It was a bun with cheese and your choice of veggies squished into a sammy.  Ok, but I was getting a little tired of grilled veggies and mushrooms at this point.  Fries were ok, but no one ordered the Cajun fries that were soooo popular there.  Boo! (P.S. this is Sara’s dinner not mine!)

Stop #7, San Diego Zoo, San Diego, CA-breakfast 11:00ish.  Day 3, I feasted on a delicious cinnamon roll at the zoo.  Again, we missed the Motel breakfast.  Well, we being Mario and me.  He tried to get it for us, but forgot our coupons.  No picture here, but it was yummy!

Stop #8, Lucha Libre Taco Shop, San Diego, CA-lunch around 3:00.  We were successful this time!  Now looking online the night before, I saw that they had lots of veggie options.  However only the most fatty foods were appealing.  So I ordered the potato flautas with sour cream, not guacamole.  YUMMY!!  We were a little disappointed that the salsa bar’s sanitation condition was sub par, but the rest of the food was great.  Even Mario was happy with his lunch. 

Stop #9, Culver’s Butter Burgers, Phoenix, AZ-Dinner 10:00.  Grilled Cheese dipped in ketchup with cheddar bite things and ranch.  Yummy again, even though there was more breading than cheese 😦 No picture here.  Sorry

Stop #10, Coopertown, Phoenix, AZ- Lunch around 11:00 on Day 4.  Yes, Alice Cooper-town.  Again I looked online at the menu and placed on getting the Stevie Nicks Gardenburger.  Basically, it was a bean burger with fries and ranch.  Very tasty!  We got 2 desserts here….Funnel Fries with Ice Cream and a Brownie Sundae.  Let me tell you…get the Brownie Sundae.  Look at the picture and you will see why!




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21 08 2014
Sara Lane

Ha, I didn’t know you made a blog about our trip. Its nice having a detailed description of our trip. I had forgot about some of those places.

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