The Danger of Going Green

13 12 2011
Please proceed to the nearest Tree Hugger…

Mario and I have been on this kick since Lent of 2011.  It is a good kick, but there have been some unforeseen side effects.  During Lent 2011, we decided to avoid eating out at any restaurant or fast food chain.  We began eating at home foods that were organic and unprocessed.  Side effect:  Once you go Organic/Unprocessed, there is no turning back.  Food full of processed ingregients and artificial flavorings just do not taste as good.  If I had a jar for every time Mario got sick after eating out, we would already have the wedding paid off.  If I had another jar for every time he said he missed eating at home, we could afford a baby.  It just happens all of the time.  I also decided to go further and stop eating meat.  Not really a choice, it was another effect of the clean eating.  I was trying to justify spending 2x the amount on free range organic chicken when I ran across a PETA site that took any desire (not that there was a lot of desire) for eating meat out of me.  Nearly 9 months later, I unknowingly ate pizza with pepperoni last Saturday.  I didn’t know!  The pepperoni was hiding under the pizza!  At first I was like, this is not very good cheese pizza, very salty, maybe with goat cheese~~BLAH.  Then I saw the pepperoni and had to force myself to stay in the chair and not run into the restroom to vomit.  It was a hard struggle.  As soon as I got home, I fell sleep after Googling detox diets as I felt a need to cleanse my body.  YUCK!  This is the first time for having meat, but not the first time I was in this predictament.  I have had to eat a few things made from animal products and it always has the same results!  Not good.  As a kickoff of the new clean diets we took,  we also stopped using chemicals of any sort in our house.  When we clean, we use vinegar, baking soda, salt, and lemons.  That’s it.  When we need a bottled product, we use fragrance free, phosphate free, organic, natural stuff.  Side effect: Apparently now we are over sensitive to the other stuff.  Example: for our HUGE COOKING DAY, we needed dish soap and in a hurry!  So I ran to the closest store which happened to be the Family Dollar.  They do not carry “Green” dish soap at Family Dollar.  I stood there staring at all of the products until finally I broke down and grabbed a bottle of Lemon Joy or something.  Normally I use the soap to wash the dishes and rinse them in my dishwasher for a sterilization effect.  Apparently there have been two instances in which I just washed the dishes and used them immediately.  When I made broccoli soup last week, I wanted to pair it with biscuits.  I washed my mixer bowl and towel dried it.  However once everything was said and done, all I could taste was the after effects of the soap.  Mario also commented on the flavor of the biscuits.  A few days later, I needed my coffee mug STAT!  So I washed, rinsed, and dried it before school.  Same thing happened.  All I could taste was SOAP.  At school I tried rinsing it in the hottest water possible to get rid of the residue to no avail.  So, tonight what did I do?  Bought the good stuff!!!  I can’t waste my good coffee because of cheap soap! 

So my warning to you?  If you can’t stand the committment, don’t go green!



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