New Year’s Resolutions

15 01 2012

This New Year’s Mario and I made a pact to limit our eating out expenditures.  Lol, right?  We went from organic eating during Lent to over indulging all holiday season.  However, we also have not saved nearly enough money for the upcoming big day and our eating out budget is the cause of this.  So in order to pinch as many pennies as possible before April 14, we are going to try to nip this problem in the bud!

Our solution to this, especially since Mario doesn’t get paid for another 3 weeks, it to plan a menu in order to try to cut our eating costs.  This is what we did thanks to Pinterest! 

Sunday- Leftovers

Meatless Monday- Veggie Corn Dogs and Waffle Fries

Monday- Meatless Monday Veggie Corndogs and Fries

Tuesday- Baked shells with meatballs


Tuesday- Stuffed Shells


His & Hers Baked Potatoes

Wednesday- Steak and baked potato for Mario, loaded sweet potato with a Asian style Veggie Patty for me 🙂



Rojo Mexican Catering

Thursday- Sampling catering with Ivan






Friday- Pizza with Meat and Meatless Pepperoni

Saturday- Homemade Pot Pies

Hopefully, we can stick to this 🙂

P.S.  Coming up the following week, we are having spaghetti and meat (and meatless) meatballs and hamburgers.  We will probably also rerun a few of these 🙂




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