Day 1

16 01 2012
Meatless Monday- Veggie Corn Dogs and Waffle Fries

So Day 1 of our Resolution.  I know that it is Jan. 16, but we are procrastinators around here.  Mario and I spent our day off separately visiting friends.  I was with my wonderful friend Crystal’s house visiting my Goddaughter Santa Lucia and Mario was visiting his friend Angel.  Afterwards, we had to make a Target run for cat supplies.  Mario raced after his usual chocolate chip cookie and I went with him.  While in line, he stated “We should have dinner here”  I had to remind him that we spend nearly $100 yesterday on groceries to avoid eating out. 

Dinner was pretty simple.  Veggie corn dogs and waffle fries were both take and bake (Take out of box and bake in oven) meals.  Done in 20 minutes.  So easy, but good.  We buy Morning Star Veggie Corn Dogs….SOOO GOOOD!  And I don’t even like corn dogs.  Will do again 🙂



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