Day 3- This Spud’s for You

18 01 2012
His & Hers Baked Potatoes

I hate to admit that I was looking forward to tonight’s dinner for two reasons.  First, how easy can you get?  Throw the spud in the microwave and nuke it.  Done.  Secondly, you don’t have to worry about picking one topping to please everyone.  It basically turns one into a short order cook, making two entirely different dinners with the same base.  I love  it!!!  A third reason (that I probably shouldn’t mention!) is that I usually just top mine and make Mario do his one version!!  Hehehe!!!  Not tonight though because I needed the picture and someone was snoozing on the sofa.  Please ignore the small pup in the photo.  He washed his paws before helping me.  There was also steak for Mario on the side, but who wants to see a picture of that?

My Spud:
1 sweet potato
1 Asian style veggie burger patty
Sour Cream
Feta Cheese
Salt & Pepper
Mario’s Spud:
1 russet potato
2 Tbs. butter
2 slices American cheese
Sour cream
Salt & Pepper
Mario’s Steak:
1 steak (whatever kind you like)
Soy sauce, drizzled on both sides
Salt & Pepper
Cooked on medium heat until your desired doneness.
Easy peasy, and we have lunch for tomorrow 🙂



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