Day 4: Rojo Mexican Catering Experience

22 01 2012
Chicken Mole con Arroz Verde

Three months and counting…  That is how long we have until we say our sacred vows.  UGH!!  Don’t remind me!!!  I’ve already started to freak out.  We are fortunate thought that so many of our close friends are lending us helping hands through this process or it may not happen at all.  Today we had our catering sampling on our menu.  Our close friend Ivan Lugo is starting his own Mexican Catering business this year with collaboration with chef Carmen Cruz. 

Before we arrived, we knew nothing about the dinner.  Ivan only told us that “We were gonna love it.”  (His catch phrase)  He was so excited for us to try his food.  We are his first clients and first big event…wedding for 200 people.  HUGE!  He is also very conscientious of my vegetarian requests and my family who is not so accustomed to authentic Mexican cuisine.  I love him!!
So here was the meal plan:
Starter: Ensalada de nopales (cactus)
Meat option: Chicken with mole sauce
Veg option: Spinach crepes with mole sauce
Side: white rice and green rice
 After dinner, we sat down and discussed logistics with Ivan and Carmen.  I will not bore you with the details, but they are awesome :).  I highly recommend them for anyone.  With some slight alterations, our dinner will be so magical.  I cannot express our gratitude for our friend.



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