~Meatless Monday Tacos~

23 01 2012
Taco fixings with our new platter. Thanks Angie!
Oh how I love Meatless Mondays.  I know that everyday for me is meatless, but this is the one day that Mario joins me in meatless dinner.  Typically, we have comfort type foods to indulge Mario in this endeavor.  Lots of hamburger helper or veggie corndogs.  So today, we decided to go out on a limb and replicate the tacos we had at Dan and Amber’s house last year.  That was the day that Mario finally began eating one meatless meal a week with me.  So, it all began with crumbles and a  packet of taco seasoning.  On the side, cheddar cheese, romaine lettucs, grape tomatoes, sour cream, and vegetarian refried beans.
Too good to be vegetarian!
Two tacos later and I’m stuffed!
P.S. Thanks Angie Beltran for the lovely platter!  It was a wedding shower gift that works perfectly here!!!



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