Day 9 Burgers and Fries

25 01 2012
Take Out Tuesday! Burgers and Fries!

Mario loves a good burger, so I knew he’d be happy today with dinner.  We did not buy buns purposely because I thought I’d make my own.  Then I kept remembering that I was running low on yeast, but luckily there was enough.  The recipe I used is here.  It is actually for rolls, but I thought that if I supersized them they would be fine.  They came out so light, sweet, and delicious.  I wish I had made extra!!!

Mine had a Morningstar Grillers Prime patty while Mario’s was ground beef.  They also had cheese, romaine lettuce, and ketchup.  Mine also had spicy brown mustard.
With a side of waffle fries, this was dinner!! YUM!



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26 01 2012
Meal Plan #2 « thelifeofkellybennett

[…] Here is week 2′s meal plan! Sunday- Pizza   Monday- Meatless Monday Tacos   Tuesday- Burgers and Fries […]

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