2 11 2012

The orange band. Only one place in the hospital brands parents in such a way. Actually no that is not true. The labor and delivery ward gives parents thin clear bands to link them with their newborn babies. The orange band is for the NICU. The Newborn Intensive Care Unit. It grants exclusive access to parents to their children in this unit. To me, it is my scarlet letter. It tells the world my baby was not ready to be born. To me, it tells the world I failed as a mother and as a woman. I couldn’t keep my baby inside until she was ready to be born. I hate this orange band, but without it I cannot see my angel who I worked so hard  for.




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2 11 2012

Aww, Kelly. You didn’t fail as a mother or a woman. You are a great mother. You love your child so much words cannot describe. Alondra just couldn’t wait to see you, so she came a lil’ early. It won’t be long until you’ll have her in your own house. Just keep positive. God knows what he’s doing. *hugs. Love you!

2 11 2012
Megan Kenney

You didn’t fail, Kelly. Your daughter came in God’s time. God said she was ready, and that is all that matters. He is with her and you and Mario. I’ve had some similar events in my life about my body seemingly not working and children things and it has taken years, lots of them, to understand it all happens as He wishes, better or worse. Never think you failed. Embrace the orange band; claim it as yours, don’t let it claim you.

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