Just take the bottle!

4 11 2012

Alondra Jade came into this world 8 weeks early. Not by her choice, but because my preeclampsia was getting too dangerous for the both of us. So, the doctors evicted her. Poor baby. But now she is back to her own schedule, doing things when she wants too. Which means not drinking from a bottle. Everyone asks when she gets to go come and the answer is always the same..,when she can take all of her feedings by bottle. Nurses are very quick to say “Remember she isn’t even supposed to be here yet.” Thanks, didn’t you read my last post? She doesn’t like the bottle. She wants to be a breastfed baby only. Stop confusing her. I can’t stand making her cry when she is force to take a bottle when she wants Mommy. I will just quit my job to stay home to be her personal cow for the next year. Sorry Mario, you better start bringing in the big bucks!




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