Week 5 Meal Plan

19 02 2012

Here is our week in meals for you!

Sunday: Italian wedding soup with homemade rolls!  Very yummy, but Mario was not a big fan of the veggie meatballs this time.

Italian Wedding Soup (vegan)


Monday (NO SCHOOL): Chicken Parmesan.    Yes no more Meatless Mondays because Lent begins on Wednesday.    We will be enjoying Meatless Fridays for the next few weeks!

Chicken Parmesan!!!

Tuesday: Burgers and fries (Same roll recipe as above!)
Wednesday:  It was corn dogs and mac & cheese, but now it will be eating out with friends for Ash Wednesday.  It happens.
Thursday: Pot Pies (frozen dinner night)
Friday: Was date night…now will be corn dogs and mac & cheese night
Saturday: Unstuffed peppers, but Mario is trying really hard to change this to something else…..He isn’t into it, but I love it!

~ A Sunday with My Love~

5 02 2012

Overall, this Sunday was a nice, peaceful day spend with my fiance Mario.  There were a couple of places we didn’t make.  We had planned on seeing Ivan show his dog Lola this morning at a dog show at the fair grounds, but didn’t make it.  Lola is not just any dog, she is a champion dog that is on her way to being grand champion.  She is a girl with attitude!  We also missed Mass this morning.  

Even though, it was a nice day just spent together.  We have been going so wedding crazy lately that most of our time together has been wedding focused.  The morning was spend just eating breakfast and together.  Then Mario started telling me what he wanted on our meal plan for the week, so I hurried to get a pen and paper.  We are doing some repeats from last week.  Mario really liked some of our choices.  I also told him that we had to be a little more frugal this week with our budget so that influenced our plan.

Here it is!

Sunday: Stoup (Mario named it this) with leftover frozen roast beef and cornbread muffins

Monday: Stuffed shells with veggie meatballs (Mario’s request) and garlic bread

Tuesday: BBQ chicken (leftover) and baked mac ‘n cheese

Wednesday: Frozen Pot Pies….well, Target had no veggie pot pies so I got an Amy’s Tamale Dinner. YUM!

Thursday: Pizza!

Friday: Date Night!

Saturday: Taco Night with Morningstar crumbles!

So when I made our grocery list, I noticed one thing….No Meat Required.  I hate to say this, well no I don’t.  Meat is expensive.  Buying it for Mario costs a lot of money.  This in itself was a money saver.  I like it!

Meatless Menu Planning!

Then we also shared a pizza deal at one of our favorite pizza joints zPizza.  Mario got a Hawaiian pizza and I got a Berkeley Vegan pizza.  Very Yummy!  This place is great.  They always have a vegetarian/vegan option and they also serve gluten free crusts for those who don’t do gluten. 
Hers to the left, his to the right.

After we went shopping, we decided to go back to zPizza because adjacent to it is Pink Spot.  Pink Spot is a lovely coffee/ice cream shop that always changes their flavors.  I love it!  Today they had my favorite, Red Velvet Ice Cream.  We came back because you know how Mario is with ice cream.  We decided that it would be best to get it and then go straight home.

Red Velvet Deliciousness!

Notice how many meatless meals this week- Monday and Saturday.  I love it!

Date Night with the Boys!

28 01 2012

So Friday started out with a vengence.  Driving along the highway to work, late again, suddenly Mario commented that the car was slowing down.  I thought he was joking around, but needlessly to say we were stuck on the side of the road out of gas at 8:00 on a Friday.  Left arguing about whose fault it was, we waited for my instructional assistant to come rescue us.  Its so soooo good that I have such an awesome team of paraprofessionals working with me.

Since I was waiting around, I posted this status on Facebook.  About an hour later, our friend Gordon called me to make sure we weren’t still stuck on the freeway.  He asked if we wanted to do dinner.  We already were planning to go to another friend’s birthday party, but we asked both of them if Gordon could and wanted to tag along.  It was fine, so our evening was set.

Dinner was at Cibo.  This a cute little pizzeria on 5th Ave. and Fillmore St. in dowtown Phoenix.  Very chic.  Mario and I have gotten smarter when eating out.  We shared a Margherita pizza and Gordon had a Quatre Frommage pizza with proscuitto.  No pics tonight.  I took the night off!  Then all three of us shared a Nutella crepe.  YUM!!!  I do not normally like Nutella, but hot and cooked is best!  Here is the link to Cibo if anyone is interested. http://www.cibophoenix.com/

Next, we were off to Vincent’s house for his birthday bash.  His house is beautiful!!!  We did not get to stay long, because we were going to see a movie across town at 9:45.  We were there long enough to sample the sangria, which was lovely!!!  I wish I had taken pictures of his house, but I’m not sure he would like them posted here for the world to see anyway! Hehe!

Finally, date night concluded with the three of us going to see The Wicker Tree at Harkins Camelview.  The Wicker Tree is the same concept as The Wicker Man, except no Nicholas Cage.  Boo.  It is set in Scottland, which is mainly why Gordon wanted to check it out.  It was a pretty good movie if you ignored some of the bad acting in it.  It is always interesting to see movies with unexpected endings.  For more info on that movie, click below. http://www.thewickertreemovie.com/

Overall, it was such a fun night!  Except when the gas light went off again and when I was driving the wrong way down the one way street trying to find parking at Cibo.  Oh well, such is life.