~ A Sunday with My Love~

5 02 2012

Overall, this Sunday was a nice, peaceful day spend with my fiance Mario.  There were a couple of places we didn’t make.  We had planned on seeing Ivan show his dog Lola this morning at a dog show at the fair grounds, but didn’t make it.  Lola is not just any dog, she is a champion dog that is on her way to being grand champion.  She is a girl with attitude!  We also missed Mass this morning.  

Even though, it was a nice day just spent together.  We have been going so wedding crazy lately that most of our time together has been wedding focused.  The morning was spend just eating breakfast and together.  Then Mario started telling me what he wanted on our meal plan for the week, so I hurried to get a pen and paper.  We are doing some repeats from last week.  Mario really liked some of our choices.  I also told him that we had to be a little more frugal this week with our budget so that influenced our plan.

Here it is!

Sunday: Stoup (Mario named it this) with leftover frozen roast beef and cornbread muffins

Monday: Stuffed shells with veggie meatballs (Mario’s request) and garlic bread

Tuesday: BBQ chicken (leftover) and baked mac ‘n cheese

Wednesday: Frozen Pot Pies….well, Target had no veggie pot pies so I got an Amy’s Tamale Dinner. YUM!

Thursday: Pizza!

Friday: Date Night!

Saturday: Taco Night with Morningstar crumbles!

So when I made our grocery list, I noticed one thing….No Meat Required.  I hate to say this, well no I don’t.  Meat is expensive.  Buying it for Mario costs a lot of money.  This in itself was a money saver.  I like it!

Meatless Menu Planning!

Then we also shared a pizza deal at one of our favorite pizza joints zPizza.  Mario got a Hawaiian pizza and I got a Berkeley Vegan pizza.  Very Yummy!  This place is great.  They always have a vegetarian/vegan option and they also serve gluten free crusts for those who don’t do gluten. 
Hers to the left, his to the right.

After we went shopping, we decided to go back to zPizza because adjacent to it is Pink Spot.  Pink Spot is a lovely coffee/ice cream shop that always changes their flavors.  I love it!  Today they had my favorite, Red Velvet Ice Cream.  We came back because you know how Mario is with ice cream.  We decided that it would be best to get it and then go straight home.

Red Velvet Deliciousness!

Notice how many meatless meals this week- Monday and Saturday.  I love it!


Days 5 & 6…Don’t ask!

22 01 2012

Ugh, our resolution went downhill yesterday and today.  Yesterday, due to stress and fatigue.  Today, we had a meeting with Fr. Vince to go over the liturgy for the wedding.  I tried to get Mario to go get pizza sauce (which is one of the reasons why we didn’t do pizza the night before) and he didn’t want to.  So we ended up spending too much money at Ruby Tuesdays for lunch.  We also got the opportunity to look at the materials Fr. Vince gave us and left with the entire liturgy planned.  Yay us!  Later we had plans to go to dinner with Gordon, so that blew our Saturday meal plan.  Then they decided to go for gelato and a movie.  The gelato was delicious, but NOT dairy free.  The movie was good, except for the sample of bacon flavored popcorn that they did not tell us what bacon flavored. 

Post movie: Upon arrival at our house, Mario started complaining that his chest was hurting.  Then he was doubling up on the floor in agony.  He tried laying down with no avail.  Then he ended up vomitting in the bathroom.  I gave him an antacid, but that only helped a little.  Right before I nearly threw him in the car to go to the hospital, I googled two things food allergies and heart attack.  I was pretty sure it was the gelato and chocolate causing his trouble, but I didn’t want to over look a possible heart attack and lose him!  Luckily his symptoms only fit a food allergy and after an allergy pill, he returned to normal within minutes.  Thank God!  Now his diet will be much stricter as it should have been.

FYI:  Here are the links that I used to judge whether Mario had an allergic reaction or possible heart attack.  While I am not a doctor and cannot make any health claims, these sites helped us determine what steps needed to be taken for us.  If you think you are in a real medical emergency, please call 911.


Symptoms of Heart Disease

Is it a Food Allergy or Intolerance?