Dinner with Lucia….and Friends

19 02 2012

YUM, Nutella Brownies!

Italian style

This was such a good time with friends yesterday!  Thank you Crystal and Ricardo for hosting all of us!  Quiero mucho!


This Week’s Meal Plan!

12 02 2012

Wow, I think that every time Mario snagged us another dinner invitation this weekend I rolled my eyes.  Not that I do not want to spend time with my friends, but I just keep seeing dollar signs rolling away in my brain.  Wedding-itis I think it is called.  But no problem.  We came to some agreements.  First meal plan for the week had to be simple and inexpensive.  Done.  Second, the total cost of our meals could not be greater than $20.  We will see how that goes.  That is excluding the tip (and my margarita on Wednesday! Hehehe!)  I also prepped ahead so much today, it will really make my week EASIER!!!

Here is our plan!

Yum on a bun! So good!

Sunday: Hamburgers, homemade buns, and french fries.

Monday: Veggie corn dogs and baked mac and cheese. (Mac and cheese already prepped!)

Tuesday: Taco Night (2nd meatless night this week!) with refried beans (already prepped too with all of the taco fixings!)

Wednesday: Eating out with friends at Aunt Chilada’s!

Thursday: Chicken Fettucini Alfredo (Chicken already cooked!) with salad and rolls

Friday: Eating out with Fr. Vince and friends!

Saturday: Eating over at Crystal’s house!

This is what my sink looks like now after prepping the week's meals all at once. I ran out of measuring cups about 2/3 of the way through!

~ A Sunday with My Love~

5 02 2012

Overall, this Sunday was a nice, peaceful day spend with my fiance Mario.  There were a couple of places we didn’t make.  We had planned on seeing Ivan show his dog Lola this morning at a dog show at the fair grounds, but didn’t make it.  Lola is not just any dog, she is a champion dog that is on her way to being grand champion.  She is a girl with attitude!  We also missed Mass this morning.  

Even though, it was a nice day just spent together.  We have been going so wedding crazy lately that most of our time together has been wedding focused.  The morning was spend just eating breakfast and together.  Then Mario started telling me what he wanted on our meal plan for the week, so I hurried to get a pen and paper.  We are doing some repeats from last week.  Mario really liked some of our choices.  I also told him that we had to be a little more frugal this week with our budget so that influenced our plan.

Here it is!

Sunday: Stoup (Mario named it this) with leftover frozen roast beef and cornbread muffins

Monday: Stuffed shells with veggie meatballs (Mario’s request) and garlic bread

Tuesday: BBQ chicken (leftover) and baked mac ‘n cheese

Wednesday: Frozen Pot Pies….well, Target had no veggie pot pies so I got an Amy’s Tamale Dinner. YUM!

Thursday: Pizza!

Friday: Date Night!

Saturday: Taco Night with Morningstar crumbles!

So when I made our grocery list, I noticed one thing….No Meat Required.  I hate to say this, well no I don’t.  Meat is expensive.  Buying it for Mario costs a lot of money.  This in itself was a money saver.  I like it!

Meatless Menu Planning!

Then we also shared a pizza deal at one of our favorite pizza joints zPizza.  Mario got a Hawaiian pizza and I got a Berkeley Vegan pizza.  Very Yummy!  This place is great.  They always have a vegetarian/vegan option and they also serve gluten free crusts for those who don’t do gluten. 
Hers to the left, his to the right.

After we went shopping, we decided to go back to zPizza because adjacent to it is Pink Spot.  Pink Spot is a lovely coffee/ice cream shop that always changes their flavors.  I love it!  Today they had my favorite, Red Velvet Ice Cream.  We came back because you know how Mario is with ice cream.  We decided that it would be best to get it and then go straight home.

Red Velvet Deliciousness!

Notice how many meatless meals this week- Monday and Saturday.  I love it!

Weekend Fun, Part 1

5 02 2012

Aunt Chilada's

Last Friday night, we went with Ivan to dinner.  Well, first we went with him to Ikea and Arizona Mills.  Then around 9, we were trying to think of a good place to have dinner.  Since we were around Arizona Mills, I suggested Aunt Chilada’s just down the street.  Ok, the real reason I suggested Aunt Chilada’s was because they have the best margarita’s in town.  Delicious!  The food is good too.  I got to have one of my favorite dishes that I never find vegetarian friendly~Vegetable Flautas!  YUM!  That with a pomegranite margarita that I shared with Ivan was dinner.  Yes, Mario was there.  He was the guy taking the picture!  We also shared yummy flan and sopapillas.  So good!

Day 4: Rojo Mexican Catering Experience

22 01 2012
Chicken Mole con Arroz Verde

Three months and counting…  That is how long we have until we say our sacred vows.  UGH!!  Don’t remind me!!!  I’ve already started to freak out.  We are fortunate thought that so many of our close friends are lending us helping hands through this process or it may not happen at all.  Today we had our catering sampling on our menu.  Our close friend Ivan Lugo is starting his own Mexican Catering business this year with collaboration with chef Carmen Cruz. 

Before we arrived, we knew nothing about the dinner.  Ivan only told us that “We were gonna love it.”  (His catch phrase)  He was so excited for us to try his food.  We are his first clients and first big event…wedding for 200 people.  HUGE!  He is also very conscientious of my vegetarian requests and my family who is not so accustomed to authentic Mexican cuisine.  I love him!!
So here was the meal plan:
Starter: Ensalada de nopales (cactus)
Meat option: Chicken with mole sauce
Veg option: Spinach crepes with mole sauce
Side: white rice and green rice
 After dinner, we sat down and discussed logistics with Ivan and Carmen.  I will not bore you with the details, but they are awesome :).  I highly recommend them for anyone.  With some slight alterations, our dinner will be so magical.  I cannot express our gratitude for our friend.