Week 5 Meal Plan

19 02 2012

Here is our week in meals for you!

Sunday: Italian wedding soup with homemade rolls!  Very yummy, but Mario was not a big fan of the veggie meatballs this time.

Italian Wedding Soup (vegan)


Monday (NO SCHOOL): Chicken Parmesan.    Yes no more Meatless Mondays because Lent begins on Wednesday.    We will be enjoying Meatless Fridays for the next few weeks!

Chicken Parmesan!!!

Tuesday: Burgers and fries (Same roll recipe as above!)
Wednesday:  It was corn dogs and mac & cheese, but now it will be eating out with friends for Ash Wednesday.  It happens.
Thursday: Pot Pies (frozen dinner night)
Friday: Was date night…now will be corn dogs and mac & cheese night
Saturday: Unstuffed peppers, but Mario is trying really hard to change this to something else…..He isn’t into it, but I love it!

Chicken Fettucini Alfredo

16 02 2012
The Carnivore Version

This was my first attempt to make ahead alfredo sauce.  No, actually it wasn’t.  I made this recipe for the wedding shower back in December.  Sorry this week has been short of posts.  Most of the dinners were repeats that I already posted the directions.  This one was kind of a compilation of old recipes. 

First thing: Garlic toast was leftover hamburger buns with garlic butter, Italian seasoning, and parmesean.
Second: Cook noodles according to box directions….easy.
Fourth: Bread-Parmesan topping from here!
Fifth: Carnivore version-Cover with Italian Dressing Seasoning, Italian Seasoning, and Parmesan before cooking.  Cook chicken tenders cut into pieces in skillet. 
Sixth: Add salad on the side.
YUM!  Mario loved it.  He wants to have it again and again.  I think next time I will make the sauce ahead and jar it.  Then add to noodles day of meal.