Day 10: Another Meatless Night

26 01 2012

Spaghetti with(out) Meatballs

Technically, there were meatballs.  They were just not good.  Mario admitted that the ones I made last week were not so hot.  Well, they did not reheat so well either.  I did not think I had any meatless meatballs, but I found a package in the freezer.  Now, I’ve had Morningstar Meatballs before.  They are a very good substitute for meatballs.  YUMMY!  However, the ones I found in the freezer were Nate’s Meatballs.  They kind of tasted like my falafel bites I got that were Veggie Patch brand and a mixture of veggie chick’n patties.  Not terrible, but not so hot in spaghetti.  I used Smart Taste Spaghetti noodles with 2.5 times the fiber.  Fiber is our friend remember!  And Organic Ragu Chunky Vegetable Sauce.  Combined and ate everything except the meatballs.

Even though I hate spaghetti, it was ok for once in a while 🙂  Just don’t tell Mario he had another meatless night.  I didn’t bring this up to him and he didn’t complain about missing anything!